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Dr.Jart is now available in 15 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

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Water, water, everywhere! 💦💦💦⠀ Drench dehydrated skin in a continuous flow of quenching hydration with Water Fuse. Its blend of hydrators + nutrient-rich minerals keeps skin moisturized in the dry, harsh cold air. Discover @sephora ⠀ #drjart #skincare #waterfuse #drinkup #sephora #닥터자르트

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Hey, what’s the bright idea? The innovative botanical blend at the heart of our Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum works magic on redness + skin irritation. 🙅‍♀️🔴 Drop by drop, Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum…⠀ ➕ soothes sensitivity ⠀ ➕ calms redness + irritation⠀ ➕ tames acne prone skin⠀ Get your bottle of Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum @sephora! #drjart #skincare #cicapair #sephora #닥터자르트
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Regram @digolubovic 💗 It’s Sunday Funday! Treat your skin to the ultimate at-home spa experience with three of our favorite complexion perfectors. Discover them @sephora ⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Get REAL beauty sleep! 😴 Water Fuse Hydro Sleep Mask pampers skin thru the night so you wake up looking beautifully refreshed. It syncs with your sleep cycle to…⠀ ➕ Lock in moisture⠀ ➕ Hydrate + firm ⠀ ➕ Speed up cell regeneration ⠀ Find it @sephora ⠀ #waterfuse #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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@sephora Beauty Insider @the__things is a big fan of Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment. “This product is amazing! It does what it says. If you have very dry skin this may not work well for you alone, mix it with a moisturizing serum or simply moisturize before. This definitely neutralizes redness and makes it easier for me to spot conceal blemishes…I have oily skin and this works well with my oily skin.” Discover @sephora fan ⠀ #drjart #skincare #cicapair #sephora #닥터자르트
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Are you seeing red? When used together, Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum + Color Correcting are the perfect Cica-PAIR to neutralize redness and soothe sensitivity. 🔴🥊 You’ll see #nomoreredness in no time! Discover Cicapair @sephora @birchbox ⠀ #drjart #skincare #cicapair #sephora #닥터자르트⠀
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Regram @bethcath who knows it’s important to pamper dry body skin in winter, too! Ceramidin Body Cream is the perfect go-to body treatment:⠀ ➕ keeps skin hydrated and smooth ⠀ ➕ rich texture creates a protective barrier for lasting moisturization⠀ ➕ enriched with ceramides to improve moisture retention⠀ #drjart #ceramidin #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Have you tried our Dermaclear Micro Water? It’s an all-in-one cleansing water that tones, brightens + removes makeup in one step. See what @sephora Beauty Insider HopeLM has to say: “I have sensitive reactions or breakouts to a lot of really popular product lines but this has never broken me out or caused any sort of reaction. It doesn't have a scent which is a huge plus for me. It really seems to get rid of all my makeup and other grime, way more than a makeup removing towelette.” Discover Dermaclear Micro Water @sephora fan ⠀ #drjart #dermaclear #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트⠀
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Do you know the secret to soothing sensitive skin? It’s centella asiatica (or tiger grass!), the miracle herb at the heart of our Cicapair products. 🐯🌿 If you haven’t had the chance to try the Cicapair Tiger Grass collection, drop by @sephora and see for yourself! ⠀ #drjart #skincare #cicapair #sephora #닥터자르트 @bethcath ⠀
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Regram @paige_montana_ who’s clearly discovered the power of new Cicapair Tiger Grass Nightly Re.Pair Mask. These pre-packed overnight gems soothe redness + irritation to calm overactive skin. 😑 Discover them @sephora @birchbox⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 ⠀
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Nothing helps you get your beauty sleep more than Water Fuse Hydro Sleep Mask! 😴 While you’re getting your 💤’s, it locks in vital moisture and nutrients so you wake up refreshed + ready to greet the day glowing. Find it @sephora ⠀⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 ⠀⠀
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What’s to love about Water Fuse Hydro Sleep Mask? 💧💧💧 It syncs with your sleep cycle to…⠀ ➕ Lock in moisture⠀ ➕ Hydrate + firm ⠀ ➕ Speed up cell regeneration ⠀ You’ll wake up fresh and glowing! ⠀ Find Water Fuse Hydro Sleep Mask @sephora ⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 ⠀
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Have you decided on your New Year’s resolution? Tell us! 🙋‍♀️ Get a next level, sparkling complexion with our deep-cleaning, complexion-clearing, glow-boosting Dermaclear Trans-Foam Clay Mask. Find it @sephora in time for the party.⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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💚 💚 💚 “Don't overlook this miracle worker…I have tried so many products to combat redness. This little guy is like magic. I use by itself and with makeup. Plus, I love that it has spf. It is very moisturizing so when I go out without makeup over it, I just use a little pressed powder in my oily areas. Creates a perfect pretty, dewy natural look.“-EricaLocey @Sephora fan ❤️ Find Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment (aka Re-Cover) @sephora. Regram from @michaelabachmann ⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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“Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.” -Jean de La Fontaine ⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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We wish you a joyous holiday filled with love and laughter. 🎁🎅🎄 Merry Christmas, from your friends at Dr.Jart!⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Where are you spending the holidays? We hope you’re taking time to relax and treat yourself! Find some quiet time with a sheet mask today. Find our entire collection of masks and complexion perfectors @sephora ⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Regram from @jessyy.mac ⠀ Have you discovered Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum yet? 🌱🐯🌱 It has super powers that heal redness, irritation, even acne. Get online or get to @sephora now and discover what everyone’s talking about! ⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Don’t forget to treat yourself, too. Find a few minutes of quiet time and do a sheet mask. You’ll be glad you did, and the stress won’t show on your face. 💚 💚 💚 ⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트

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“I am among those who think that science has great beauty.” ⠀ -Marie Curie 💕💕💕 Dr.Jart is the fusion of art + science so you can be your most beautiful day after day. ⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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You can’t predict what your skin will do from day to day. Dr.Jart has you covered with our limited edition Tarot of Masks collection, 7 innovative sheet masks to target an array of skincare concerns. But don’t wait, we can’t predict when they’ll be gone! Grab one at your @sephora store before they disappear into thin air! #drjart #skincare #holiday #sephora #닥터자르트
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Thank you @midnight.merlot for this beautiful pic of of your Dermaclear faves. So glad you discovered them. With 💖 from your friends at Dr.Jart! Discover Dermaclear + more @sephora⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Have you discovered our Dis-a-Pore BB ⁉️ It’s a game changer. “This is such an under the radar gem! I keep waiting for the bloggers to stumble across it because it’s so lightweight but completely covers pores for a flawless finish!“-FabulousDSC @Sephora fan ❤️ Discover Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm @sephora @birchbox #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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It seems like people everywhere fell in love with sheet masks this year! 🎭 🎭 🎭 Did you know we’ve got a mask for every skin concern?! ⠀ ☑️ HYDRATION⠀ ☑️ SOOTHING + IRRITATION⠀ ☑️ BRIGHTENING⠀ ☑️ UNEVEN TONE⠀ ☑️ ACNE BREAKOUTS⠀ ☑️ LINES & WRINKLES⠀ ☑️ FIRMNESS⠀ Discover our entire mask collection @sephora ⠀ #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Mr. Lee meets Dr. Jung

Dr. SungJae Jung, a soft spoken and driven young doctor, has always had a passion for innovation and a genuine care for the well-being of his patients. In 2001, he was running his own clinic in Seoul, Korea after earning his M.D and becoming a certified dermatologist. He spent each day creating and testing for the safest and most effective skin care formulas for severe skin issues.

Chin Wook Lee, a close family friend of Dr. Jung and young entrepreneur, was impressed by Dr. Jung's spirit and expertise, and ventured to bring Dr. Jung's formulas out of the clinic, into the mainstream. Chin Wook worked tirelessly between Dr. Jung's clinic, laboratories, and personal advisors to develop a new skin care company.

After 3 years of development, in 2004,
Dr. Jung and Chin Wook Lee launched Dr. Jart+.


Dr. SungJae Jung

Certified Dermatologist,
Chief Advisor of Dr. Jart
Consulting Group

Patented 8 new inventions including curing aids and tools used in laser therapy.

Science of Skincare

Dr. Jart believes in the true spirit of science; this exploration continues to expose new challenges to the field of skin care. Dr. Jart works closely with a group of 15 dermatologists from 15 different clinics. Each at the forefront of dermatological research, all work privately with patients as well as in collaboration at research universities.


Dr. JaeYong Ban
Dr. JongIl Park
Dr. JunHyeob Kim
Dr. JaeHong Sim
Dr. MyungJoo Kim
Dr. DongGyu Hwang
Dr. HyeSeok Kwon
Dr. HoonYoung Jang
Dr. KwangBeom Ahn
Dr. ByungHwan Jeon
Dr. JeongHoon Jang
Dr. JoongYeol Kim
Dr. CheolWook Kwon
Dr. SookHyun Bang
Dr. Jart+ distributes cosmetic products all over the world
in 46 countries, opening 3967 doors. Find us at a store near
you or visit our products page.

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