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Dr.Jart is now available in 15 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

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THE WAIT IS OVER! 🙏 Peptides are the proteins that keep skin youthful. They had a huge moment last year and shouldn't be forgotten.☝️Our NEW Peptidin™ Firming & Radiance Serums are all about recharging tired skin with its unique 8-Peptide Complex—available online @sephora in US & CA! Tap the link in bio to learn more & be the first to try. Launching in stores 12/28. (TIP: Take advantage of Sephora's Beauty Insider event for discounts until 12/12!) #RechargeTiredSkin #Peptidin
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We've got lots of collections under our belt—Cicapair, Ceramidin...and something new coming REAAAL soon. 🤫 Be sure to follow our page for the lastest updates. #RechargeTiredSkin
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Sending a pop of #radiance your way ✨ #comingsoon (photo: @glassalexander)
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OOO LA LA, that texture tho...😍 Looks thick but we promise it doesn't feel like it. 🤙 Our #Ceramidin Cream is packed with deeply moisturizing ingredients, good for daily use. It even comes with the cutest tube helper because we know every drop counts! 😉 Shop at @sephora. #oddlysatisfying #drjart
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Peep @semymariya_ showcasing our limited-edition Mask Heroes Face Savers holiday set—contains 6 of our fave masks! Only available in-store @sephora 💕 BTW @sephora is currently having another #BeautyInsider event just in time for the holidays! 🎁 Rouge members get $25 off, VIB members get $20 off and BI members get $15 off any purchase of $75 or more! Click the link in bio for more details.
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The GLO UP is real 😏 Our old vs. new #Ceramidin Liquid has upgraded packaging and formulation. It's a super lightweight moisturizer that hydrates while toning—can be worn alone or under a cream during drier times. Tap the link in our bio to learn more @sephora. #drjart
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There's nothing our cult-fave Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 can't do! 💪 This skincare-first #bbcream is an all-in-one moisturizer, sun screen, and serum that hydrates, protects and primes. Can be worn alone or under foundation. Shop @sephora! #SephoraInJCP #skincare #drjart
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Superheroes squad 🤩 Now that it's December (omg), bring your optimal gifting game with our limited-edition Superheroes Skin Transformers holiday set. Your friends and family will love you for treating them to our bestsellers. Available in-store only @sephora. 💪
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Only @lorepintomakeup can make masking look this good with our Shake & Shot™ Soothing Rubber Masks 🤩 Shop now @sephora! #SephoraInJCP
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Shake things up with our crowd-favorite Shake & Shot™ Rubber Masks @sephora 💃 #SephoraInJCP
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Centella asiatica aka tiger grass is the hero ingredient of our Cicapair collection. This healing ancient herb amplifies skin regeneration to help soothe the appearance of inflammation, redness and blemishes. Hello, calm skin. 👋 Shop via link in bio @sephora! #SephoraInJCP
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MAJOR #Cicapair vibes 🐯 (rg: @littlerayofsunflower)
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Didn't get your full 8 hours of sleep? We'll do the work for you 😏. Our #Cicapair Nightly Re.Pair Mask was formulated to boost your skin's overnight recovery process for a smoother, more even complexion that will have you looking wide awake the next morning.✨ Shop @sephora. #SephoraInJCP #TextureTuesday
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Holiday sets are selling out FAST! Our Limited-Edition Superheroes Skin Transformers set is sold out online but still available IN-STORE @sephora! The set features 5 of our bestsellers (including a full size Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment AHEM) plus a sneak peek of newness coming soon. 🤫 Get your hands on it before it runs out! #sephora
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VOLUME UP 🔊 It's the oh-so-satisfying sound of our #Dermask Ultra Jet Peeling Solution mask bubbling to exfoliate and clear out pores 😉. This innovative sheet mask has a violet hue that changes color as your skin’s pH level shifts. Tap the link in bio to shop now @sephora! #ASMR #oddlysatisfying #skincare #sundayfunday
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The most gentle peeling solution you've been searching for 🔍 Suitable for all skin types, our #Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel exfoliates with its mild acid blend (AHA/BHA/PHA) while leaving your skin radiant ✨ Available now @sephora! #SephoraInJCP #drjart
premium bb cream
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How many of you mask before applying makeup? @alxcext preps her skin with our Shake & Shot™ Rubber Hydro Mask & she looks amazing! 🙌😍 Tap that link in bio to get your's @sephora.
cicapair color correcting
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More holidays around the corner 👀 Our limited-edition holiday sets can be the best gifts for your #skincare loving friends and family. Hit the link in bio to shop now @sephora! 🎁
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Wishing our U.S. fans a #HappyThanksgiving! ❤️ (rg: @the_skin_care_junkie)

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In a hurry to look well-rested before #Thanksgiving? #Cicapair Tiger Grass Nightly Re.Pair Mask is your savior 🙌 It was born to work its magic overnight while your skin is in mega repair mode 🏋😴. Head to @sephora stores or tap that link in bio to shop! #SephoraInJCP #drjart
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Ceramides are the building blocks that keep our skin firm & elastic. Skin never runs dry with #Ceramidin. 🙌
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Chop 👏 chop 👏 It's the LAST DAY of @sephora's Holiday Bonus sale! Our limited-edition holiday sets are waiting for you to pick them up. 🛍 Beauty Insiders can get 15% off of their purchases while VIB & Rouge members get 20% off. Tap the link in bio to shop.
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"self care sundae" (rg: @sarah.feingold)
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Formulated with nourishing coconut extract (top white layer), our #Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel is a mild lactic acid treatment to gently resurface + reboot your complexion (bottom transparent layer). 😍🥥 Hit the link in our bio to shop now (#BeautyInsider sale is still going on @sephora for 15% off your entire order!)
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SOLD OUT❗️Didn't get your hands on our #Maskapalooza holiday set? No worries! Follow our page to stay up to date. We'll make an announcement here as soon as it's restocked. ⭐️
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Mr. Lee meets Dr. Jung

Dr. SungJae Jung, a soft spoken and driven young doctor, has always had a passion for innovation and a genuine care for the well-being of his patients. In 2001, he was running his own clinic in Seoul, Korea after earning his M.D and becoming a certified dermatologist. He spent each day creating and testing for the safest and most effective skin care formulas for severe skin issues.

Chin Wook Lee, a close family friend of Dr. Jung and young entrepreneur, was impressed by Dr. Jung's spirit and expertise, and ventured to bring Dr. Jung's formulas out of the clinic, into the mainstream. Chin Wook worked tirelessly between Dr. Jung's clinic, laboratories, and personal advisors to develop a new skin care company.

After 3 years of development, in 2004,
Dr. Jung and Chin Wook Lee launched Dr. Jart+.


Dr. SungJae Jung

Certified Dermatologist,
Chief Advisor of Dr. Jart
Consulting Group

Patented 8 new inventions including curing aids and tools used in laser therapy.

Science of Skincare

Dr. Jart believes in the true spirit of science; this exploration continues to expose new challenges to the field of skin care. Dr. Jart works closely with a group of 15 dermatologists from 15 different clinics. Each at the forefront of dermatological research, all work privately with patients as well as in collaboration at research universities.


Dr. JaeYong Ban
Dr. JongIl Park
Dr. JunHyeob Kim
Dr. JaeHong Sim
Dr. MyungJoo Kim
Dr. DongGyu Hwang
Dr. HyeSeok Kwon
Dr. HoonYoung Jang
Dr. KwangBeom Ahn
Dr. ByungHwan Jeon
Dr. JeongHoon Jang
Dr. JoongYeol Kim
Dr. CheolWook Kwon
Dr. SookHyun Bang
Dr. Jart+ distributes cosmetic products all over the world
in 46 countries, opening 3967 doors. Find us at a store near
you or visit our products page.

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