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Dr.Jart is now available in 15 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

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The reviews are in for new Camo Drops! “Great product. Really reduces redness. Really reduces redness and adds a nice glow. I like it alone because I find that under makeup it pills a little. I like to use it on my no makeup days (Sat and Sunday) when I am just doing nothing. It also heals so that's great.” @Sephora fan dsous 📷 @ash.lee.rose #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트

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Oh, baby! 👍 @babillages has found her Shake & Shot! Which is your fave?! We’ve got 4 Shake & Shots, with 4 instant benefits: ➕ hydration ➕ soothing ➕ brightening ➕ firming Try one, try all 4 @sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Warmer weather is the perfect excuse to grab 3 besties, open the rosé, and Shake & Shot! Pick up a few of our Shaking Rubber Masks @Sephora and enjoy a spring fling! 👶 👶 👶 👶 📷@chasingdenisse #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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“The Camo Drops do everything that I was hoping for! Even just a little bit helps to neutralize redness and calm down your skin. It doesn't leave your skin feeling dry or tight. Perfect for no-makeup days!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” @Sephora fan yofi27 📷@itsmadz #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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If you suffer from dry, uncomfortable skin, Dr.Jart’s classic Ceramidin Cream and Liquid are your solutions for keeping your skin moisturized all day, in all climates. 💛 💛 💛 Discover @Sephora 📷 @kpopbeautyy #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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We’re so excited that Dr.Jart fans everywhere are enjoying our new Cicapair Tiger Grass Camo Drops! It’s a smart hybrid product – revitalizing serum and color corrector in one. A single drop... ➕ Color corrects redness ➕ Revitalizes dull skin tone ➕ Soothes irritated, sensitized skin Discover @Sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 📷 @maryellenskye
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“Holy grail! I was looking for a product that would reduce the redness in my cheeks when working out without having to wear actual ‘makeup’ and this does it with perfection”. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” @Sephora fan Aliana 📷 @kassalaholdsclaw #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Everything’s coming up Tiger Grass! 🐯🌿 📷 @aurelycerise #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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“Amazing for my red/sensitive skin! I literally never take the time to come to the actual Sephora website and write reviews, but this product has genuinely changed my skin and I needed to let it be known. I'm an Esthetician of 5 years, so I have access to professional lines, and still, this has been the best for my face. I have sensitive skin and redness has always been an issue for me, especially if I do extractions- I'm generally red and puffy for a good amount of time afterwards. With this, I can do my facial routine at night, extractions if needed, and I wake up with NO redness WHATSOEVER. It blows my mind!! If you have sensitive skin, you absolutely have to purchase this. Also, one little package can be used for three nights! So it's more of a 90 day supply than a 30 day :) The *only* con I can think of is that it's slightly sticky even after rubbing it in, but the benefits outweigh that by far so it doesn't matter to me!” @Sephora fan shelbymorgz 💚💚💚 Find Cicapair Tiger Grass Nightly Re.Pair Mask @sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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“Divine Nature gave the fields, human art built the cities.” - Marcus Terentius Varro 📷 @macenzo #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
ceramidin cream
ceramidin oil balm
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We hope you're spending a beautiful, relaxing day in celebration of Mom today. Happy Mother's Day! With 💖 from your friends at Dr.Jart. 📷 @elliedanver #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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“⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Holy grail! I was looking for a product that would reduce the redness in my cheeks when working out without having to wear actual ‘makeup’ and this does it with perfection.” @Sephora fan aliana #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 📷 @scarlemmateo ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
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Discover the soothing power of Tiger Grass to calm sensitivity, redness and irritation. If you suffer from sensitive skin, make Dr.Jart Cicapair treatments your go-to products. Discover @sephora 📷 @dewyreview 💚💚💚 #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Look what we created for MASK LOVERS EVERYWHERE! The Dr.Jart limited edition Mask Lovers Collection is a set of four of our most popular masks. It’s perfect for a daily time-out or for spending quality time with your bestie! 👩‍❤️‍👩 Grab yours @Sephora before they’re gone. #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Get baby soft skin with a Shake & Shot Shaking Rubber Mask! 📷 @gelcream 💙 Each Shake & Shot contains a potent blend of skin-loving actives plus a unique complex to deliver one of these instant benefits: ➕ hydration ➕ soothing ➕ brightening ➕ firming Discover all 👶👶👶👶 @Sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Which is your favorite Shake & Shot? Looks like @victorialoi is fond of the Rubber Hydro Mask 💦💦💦 Discover all 4 Shake & Shot Shaking Rubber Masks @sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Red, irritated skin? Never fear, Cicapair Camo Drops are here! It’s an ultra-light, revitalizing serum + color corrector in one. Tone down redness and turn up your glow. ➕ Color corrects redness ➕ Revitalizes dull skin tone ➕ Soothes irritated, sensitized skin Discover @Sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Tell us what you think of our new Tiger Grass Camo Drops! Or do you prefer our cult fave Color Correcting Treatment (better for oilier skin types)? Comment below. 👇 If you haven’t had the chance to discover Camo Drops yet, grab yours online or in-store @Sephora - and let us know what you think of our newest baby! 👶 #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Lose something?! 📷 @evantsheehan 💚💚💚 What if you could lose your skin redness and irritation? You can…with the soothing power of Tiger Grass! Discover the entire Cicapair collection @sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Our newest BB has arrived! Now Dr.Jart fans have a new shade to choose from. Premium BB is the cult classic, all-in-one complexion perfector. See natural coverage and a dewy finish with moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment serum in one. ➕treats ➕hydrates ➕primes ➕protects ➕camouflages Discover @sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
cicapair color correcting
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Get your bubble on and see fresh, clear, glowing skin our new this fun bubbling mask! ➕ Deeply cleanses and purifies pores ➕ Oxygen bubble effect flushes and eliminates skin impurities ➕ Tightens and corrects the look of enlarged pores 📷 @claev_ ❤️ Find @sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
premium bb cream
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Tell us what you think of our new Camo Drops! Comment below. 👇 If you haven’t had the chance to discover Camo Drops yet, grab yours online or in store @Sephora - and let us know what you think of our newest baby! 👶 #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 #cicapair
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Do you ❤️ Dermaclear too? Regram @beautylab7 (Thank you!) Discover the entire Dermaclear collection @Sephora #drjart #skincare #dermaclear #sephora #닥터자르트 #cicapair
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“Makes your face feel soft and smooth. I’m sold! The reviews don’t do it justice, honestly, this is a cant live without product.” @Sephora fan nina04m Find Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum @sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 #cicapair
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Have you tried the newest innovation in our Cicapair collection? 💧 A single drop goes a long way... ➕ Color corrects redness ➕ Revitalizes dull skin tone ➕ Soothes irritated, sensitized skin Discover @Sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 #cicapair
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“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” - Joseph Campbell�#drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트

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Willy Rizzo; ‘Le Corbusier’, 1953 regram @therow 👍👍 #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Thank you @dadmunk for showing so much 💚 for Cicapair! #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 #cicapair
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We love this image of camouflage! Have you discovered the power to camouflage at the heart of our newest formula, Cicapair Tiger Grass Camo Drops? 💚💚💚 Discover @Sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트
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Just mix, shake and apply! @thedailybella has definitely gotten the hang of it. Enjoy your very own Shake & Shot Shaking Rubber Mask. Find all four @Sephora 👶 #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 #shakeandshot
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Redness and irritation? Get familiar with the soothing power of Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment to… ➕ Color correct redness ➕ Soothe irritated, sensitized skin ➕ Protect against sun and environmental toxins 🐯🌱 Discover the Cicapair collection @Sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트 #cicapair
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Mr. Lee meets Dr. Jung

Dr. SungJae Jung, a soft spoken and driven young doctor, has always had a passion for innovation and a genuine care for the well-being of his patients. In 2001, he was running his own clinic in Seoul, Korea after earning his M.D and becoming a certified dermatologist. He spent each day creating and testing for the safest and most effective skin care formulas for severe skin issues.

Chin Wook Lee, a close family friend of Dr. Jung and young entrepreneur, was impressed by Dr. Jung's spirit and expertise, and ventured to bring Dr. Jung's formulas out of the clinic, into the mainstream. Chin Wook worked tirelessly between Dr. Jung's clinic, laboratories, and personal advisors to develop a new skin care company.

After 3 years of development, in 2004,
Dr. Jung and Chin Wook Lee launched Dr. Jart+.


Dr. SungJae Jung

Certified Dermatologist,
Chief Advisor of Dr. Jart
Consulting Group

Patented 8 new inventions including curing aids and tools used in laser therapy.

Science of Skincare

Dr. Jart believes in the true spirit of science; this exploration continues to expose new challenges to the field of skin care. Dr. Jart works closely with a group of 15 dermatologists from 15 different clinics. Each at the forefront of dermatological research, all work privately with patients as well as in collaboration at research universities.


Dr. JaeYong Ban
Dr. JongIl Park
Dr. JunHyeob Kim
Dr. JaeHong Sim
Dr. MyungJoo Kim
Dr. DongGyu Hwang
Dr. HyeSeok Kwon
Dr. HoonYoung Jang
Dr. KwangBeom Ahn
Dr. ByungHwan Jeon
Dr. JeongHoon Jang
Dr. JoongYeol Kim
Dr. CheolWook Kwon
Dr. SookHyun Bang
Dr. Jart+ distributes cosmetic products all over the world
in 46 countries, opening 3967 doors. Find us at a store near
you or visit our products page.

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