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Dr.Jart is now available in 15 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Read more on how our brand has been expanding.


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Regram @alegio98⠀⠀ “When you are balanced and when you listen and attend to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, your natural beauty comes out.” - Christy Turlington #drjart #skincare #sephora #닥터자르트

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👨‍🔬 Skin Potions 👩‍🔬 packs five Dr.Jart cult faves, perfect for taking with you on your holiday travels. 🎭 Tarot of Masks 🎭 provides all the masks you need for the dewiest skin. Get both at @sephora before they get away! ⠀ #drjart #skincare #holiday #sephora #닥터자르트
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“OMG use this with the Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream and you will never be the same. The skincare expert at Sephora suggested this for my acne and redness. Little did I know she was my guardian angel! I've been using this for only a week and I'm already seeing less redness and a clearer complexion. 10/10 would recommend!!” -gedi ⠀ @Sephora fan ⠀ #drjart #skincare #holiday #sephora #닥터자르트
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Going straight to yoga after work? Take your makeup off on the go with our Dermaclear Micro Makeup Remover Pads! They’re single-use wipes that clean + freshen skin with a milk emulsion that melts away makeup and gently lifts impurities. Grab yours at @sephora ⠀ #drjart #skincare #deramclear #sephora #닥터자르트
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Red is a great color for the bottoms of shoes and holiday ribbons, not so much for skin! If you suffer from red, irritated, or sensitized skin, Dr.Jart has what you need. Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum has the soothing power of tiger grass to calm redness and irritation in a single drop! 💧 Get it @sephora ⠀ #drjart #skincare #cicapair #cicastrong #sephora #닥터자르트
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You won’t be able to mask your glee when you get your hands on our limited edition Tarot of Masks! 🎭 Because you can’t predict how skin will react to holiday stress, we included 7 different sheet masks to treat multiple skin concerns. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for a loved one — or a holiday treat for yourself! Grab one at your @sephora store or online before they disappear! ⠀ #drjart #skincare #holiday #sephora #닥터자르트
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Healthy skin takes smart skincare solutions! 🤓 Our Dermask sheet masks are made with ultra-fine microfibers that hug your skin and seal in potent actives to solve your skin concerns. Now, the smart thing to do is to get to @sephora and get one! ⠀ #drjart #skincare #dermask #sephora #닥터자르트
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ceramidin oil balm
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Problem skin? Redness and irritation? Put your troubles behind you with Dr.Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass treatments! 🌱🐯🌱 They’re rich in the soothing power of tiger grass, the miracle healing herb from the jungle that calms redness + irritation. Now more than ever, Dr.Jart has a solution for all your skin concerns. ⠀ #drjart #skincare #cicapair #sephora #닥터자르트
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What are your fave Dr.Jart products? From redness and sensitivity to dry skin and uneven tone, we’ve got a solution to leave your complexion soft, smooth, youthful + super radiant! 💆✨ Regram from @needsandmoods. Find your favorites @sephora @birchbox ⠀ #drjart #skincare #waterdrop #sephora #닥터자르트
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@emilyelaineoberg knows the secret to soothing sensitive skin! It’s centella asiatica (or tiger grass!), the miracle herb at the heart of our Cicapair products. If you haven’t had the chance to try the Cicapair Tiger Grass collection, drop by @sephora and see for yourself! ⠀ #drjart #skincare #cicapair #sephora #닥터자르트
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Brightening Lover Rubber Mask is a winner! Thank you so much to @allure and @heymichellelee for always supporting Dr.Jart and for the acknowledgement. @sarahkinonen says the mask legit looks like babies, but feel so good on skin. Well there you have it! Grab one @sephora.
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Regram from @urbanxkoi. What’s the secret skin soother in our Cicapair formulas? A potent healing herb 🌿 called tiger grass. Discover its soothing power to heal skin damage and calm redness + irritation. Find it @sephora @birchbox ⠀ #drjart #skincare #cicapair #cicastrong #sephora #닥터자르트
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Have you seen our newest innovation? Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum calms redness and irritation with a single drop! Be among the first to try it @sephora #drjart #skincare #cicapair #cicastrong #sephora #닥터자르트
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We know what @melodysedgh ♥️ about our Clear Lover Rubber Mask! In just 15-20 minutes, it purifies pores, soothes blemish-prone skin + helps control excess oil. Grab one @sephora @birchbox ⠀ #drjart #skincare #loverrubber #sephora #닥터자르트
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Have you tried our cult classic Premium Beauty Balm yet? It’s the one-step treatment solution for multiple skin concerns, including dryness, redness, dullness, uneven texture, blemishes + loss of firmness. Find yours @sephora⠀ #drjart #skincare #bbcream #sephora #닥터자르트
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Which powered up Dr. Jart treatment is your go to cream? Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream has the power of tiger grass to calm sensitive, irritated + inflamed skin. Ceramidin Cream is supercharged with the power of ceramides to strengthen skin and deliver up to 26-hours of time-released moisture. Find both @sephora ⠀ #drjart #skincare #cicapair #ceramidin #sephora #닥터자르트
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Tired of harsh, stripping cleansers that mistreat skin? Our Dermaclear Micro Water is a mild, all-in-one cleansing water that tones, brightens, and removes makeup + impurities in one gentle sweep. Discover @sephora @birchbox ⠀ #drjart #skincare #dermaclear #sephora #닥터자르트

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We are here in @sephoramx at our press event! We'd like to thank the @sehoramx team and everyone for coming and supporting our launch. Find our booth at Sephora Antara today and through the weekend to receive a complimentary facial!
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No matter the season, your skin will love some TLC with a Lover Rubber Mask! Our 2-step mask stimulates + cools skin for a radiant, healthy look. Tyvm @cheyu_order for this beautiful shot! Discover the fan fave @sephora @birchbox ⠀⠀ #drjart #skincare #loverrubber #sephora #닥터자르트
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Mr. Lee meets Dr. Jung

Dr. SungJae Jung, a soft spoken and driven young doctor, has always had a passion for innovation and a genuine care for the well-being of his patients. In 2001, he was running his own clinic in Seoul, Korea after earning his M.D and becoming a certified dermatologist. He spent each day creating and testing for the safest and most effective skin care formulas for severe skin issues.

Chin Wook Lee, a close family friend of Dr. Jung and young entrepreneur, was impressed by Dr. Jung's spirit and expertise, and ventured to bring Dr. Jung's formulas out of the clinic, into the mainstream. Chin Wook worked tirelessly between Dr. Jung's clinic, laboratories, and personal advisors to develop a new skin care company.

After 3 years of development, in 2004,
Dr. Jung and Chin Wook Lee launched Dr. Jart+.


Dr. SungJae Jung

Certified Dermatologist,
Chief Advisor of Dr. Jart
Consulting Group

Patented 8 new inventions including curing aids and tools used in laser therapy.

Science of Skincare

Dr. Jart believes in the true spirit of science; this exploration continues to expose new challenges to the field of skin care. Dr. Jart works closely with a group of 15 dermatologists from 15 different clinics. Each at the forefront of dermatological research, all work privately with patients as well as in collaboration at research universities.


Dr. JaeYong Ban
Dr. JongIl Park
Dr. JunHyeob Kim
Dr. JaeHong Sim
Dr. MyungJoo Kim
Dr. DongGyu Hwang
Dr. HyeSeok Kwon
Dr. HoonYoung Jang
Dr. KwangBeom Ahn
Dr. ByungHwan Jeon
Dr. JeongHoon Jang
Dr. JoongYeol Kim
Dr. CheolWook Kwon
Dr. SookHyun Bang
Dr. Jart+ distributes cosmetic products all over the world
in 46 countries, opening 3967 doors. Find us at a store near
you or visit our products page.

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