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โ€œAmazing for my red/sensitive skin! I literally never take the time to come to the actual Sephora website and write reviews, but this product has genuinely changed my skin and I needed to let it be known. I'm an Esthetician of 5 years, so I have access to professional lines, and still, this has been the best for my face. I have sensitive skin and redness has always been an issue for me, especially if I do extractions- I'm generally red and puffy for a good amount of time afterwards. With this, I can do my facial routine at night, extractions if needed, and I wake up with NO redness WHATSOEVER. It blows my mind!! If you have sensitive skin, you absolutely have to purchase this. Also, one little package can be used for three nights! So it's more of a 90 day supply than a 30 day :) The *only* con I can think of is that it's slightly sticky even after rubbing it in, but the benefits outweigh that by far so it doesn't matter to me!โ€ @Sephora fan shelbymorgz ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š Find Cicapair Tiger Grass Nightly Re.Pair Mask @sephora #drjart #skincare #sephora #๋‹ฅํ„ฐ์ž๋ฅดํŠธ
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