First Brunch

The Standard, High Line
Empire Suite in New York

We invited a group of New York’s most talented influencers for an intimate brunch with Erica Choi of Egg Canvas at The Standard Empire Suite as we celebrate our five new assorted sheet masks. Here's a short piece on the experience from one of our lovely and talented guests.
There is something strangely therapeutic about Sunday mornings.

For many, Sunday exists at the beginning of the weekly calendar, but for me, the day lives on its own and renders much overdue repose in the form of fresh squeezed juices, nourishing face masks, and a good read. This particular Sunday, though, was allotted for a long-awaited brunch gathering hosted by Korean dermatologist brand, Dr. Jart at the Standard Hotel, located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

Four social influencers and I gathered in the hotel lobby just after noon, and we were quickly greeted by brunch host, Erica Choi, the face of Egg Canvas. I first became a believer of Korean facial sheet masks when I met Erica, who shared her love for Dr. Jart masks — I’ve always openly coveted her porcelain skin as she modestly denies every utterance of a compliment. This event gave photographer, Sharon Radisch (@cacahuete_sr), fashion expert, Jessica (@notjessfashion), beauty director of, Megan McIntyre (@megsmcintyre), and me the opportunity to learn all of her skincare secrets, and to bask in God’s greatest gifts to mankind — sheet masks and brunch cocktails.
A warm welcome
with our influencers'
Our beautiful host
Erica Choi of Egg Canvas
Our first brunch
with Dr. Jart
The Empire Suite
Upon entering the private event space, the narrow doorway opened up to a spacious suite of white and gray tones. Sunny weather seems to be the anomaly in New York these days, and we’ve just about lost the battle against tenacious snow storms — but much to our surprise, we were blessed with beautiful weather this day, and Mother Nature shed cascades of natural light through the floor-to-ceiling windows. We lounged in the common area as we waited for our meal to be set up in the other room and became acquainted with each other (of course, with bouts of awkward silences and slight fidgeting); and once the food was ready, we quickly relocated to the dining area where we were welcomed with a sensorial feast.
The Standard, Empire Suite
has a gorgeous view of
New York City with
Empire State Building.
A sunny Sunday
with beautiful bouquets
for our guests
Skin. Science. Art.
K-Beauty Innovation

A day of beauty
with Dr. Jart
Thank you, Dr. Jart, for officially winning my heart over with the things I love most: brunch food with great company, color-matched flowers, and of course, facial sheet masks. After an iPhone photoshoot session (which involved chair-climbing stunts and extended arms) of the beautiful table layout, the influencers enjoyed pancakes, whole grain toasts, eggs benedicts, bacon, mimosas, (you name it), all the while testing the Blackhead Master Patch, a two-step nose treatment that features a refreshing formulation of coral powder, sage, and tea tree extracts and combats stubborn blackheads, visible pores and excess sebum. The first patch is used to gently draw out residue from clogged pores, while the second calms the skin and tightens it. Talk about a master patch duo. As we ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the patch’s efficacy, we surprisingly did not lose our appetites to unsightly blackheads and finished the remainder of our meals.
Radiant laughter
from the fabulous
Megan McIntyre,
Beauty Editor at
Refinery 29

Master Patch is
easy to apply
anytime, anywhere.
A gorgeous smile
from NY-based photographer
Sharon Radisch
Fresh food to
go with fresh flowers
Glowing Jessica
of Not Jess Fashion
Great eats, great talks
With sated stomachs and clean pores, we were further spoiled with sweet delicacies and an assortment of teas. (Edit note: If you happen to be in the area, ‘Wake & Bake’, a plate of freshly-baked, chunky chocolate chip cookies served with chilled milk, is a must-have at The Standard Grill). After another Instagram-worthy food photoshoot, we fully removed our makeup and tried the All That Lift & Firm Hydrogel Expansion Stretch Mask, a two-part mask specially designed to improve elasticity and lift the skin. Sure enough, this mask does its job with the help of two slits that “hook” onto your ears, literally pulling any sagging skin up towards your ears (not to mention we all got a good laugh watching Erica try to strategically place the large mask over her small face — selfies commenced here). Ingredients like aloe and caffeine help to calm irritation while improving the appearance of wrinkles, large pores, and aging — certainly a great solution for oft-ignored areas of your face.
All that Lift and Firm
hydrogel stretchy mask is the
talk of party.
Hydrogel Mask-erade!
Beautiful faces all in line

Applying the partial mask
makes it much easier
to do other fun things,
like eating cake.
Smiles and talks
are sweeter with dessert
but even more delicious
with great people.
The sun shines on our
gorgeous New York City
and we can't stop
taking photos of this
amazing view from
The Standard Highline
Empire Suite.
Facial Sheet Mask-erade
This has to be one of the driest winters in New York City, and I’ve already depleted most of my facial sheet mask collection that once took up the majority of my refrigerator space. With that said, this get-together provided us with much-needed hydration as Sharon was in the midst of moving, Megan had a long Oscars coverage night ahead, Erica was working long hours per usual, and Jessica is expecting another beautiful baby on the way. (Congratulations, Jess!)

Some influencers tested the Brightening Infusion Hydrogel Mask (Megan’s favorite Dr. Jart sheet mask), which features a gel-textured concoction of pearl extract, vitamin C, and licorice extract that work together to treat uneven skin tone, dark spots and dark under-eyes. This mask also lends a cooling effect while maximizing absorption of active ingredients and brightening the skin. Others tried the Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask, a bio-cellulose mask that contains hydrating and anti-aging ingredients like allantoin, witch hazel, cactus extract, and collagen. Influencers have reported “instantly revitalized, supple skin.”

I “did the honor” (sarcasm intended) of trying the Pore Minimalist Mask, a true-black mask featuring activated Korean charcoal, spearmint extract and arginine formulated to detoxify and cleanse the skin of acne, excess sebum, and pore-clogging residue. No regrets, though. My skin was left glowing and much brighter than it was before the blackout. And as the girls said: “Well, at least it goes with your outfit!” (#blackonblack #onblack, oh and on top of that, #black). All smiles and laughs throughout this fun “slumber party” themed photoshoot. We found ourselves much more comfortable with each other by this time, and I can feel that our conversations were sincere. I wouldn’t have chosen to spend this day any way else, with anyone else.
Sharon continues
hydrating with our
Blackhead Master Patch
while Megan tries out
something new.

Super hydrating
Brightening Infusion
Hydrogel Mask
The dramatic
Pore Minimalist
Charcoal Mask


Thank you
for joining us
at our first
Sunday brunch!
In Retrospect
If you live in New York — or are likewise a working individual of this generation — you probably appreciate weekends as much as you valued those three-month long summer vacations in your yesteryears. As a result, planning the perfect brunch gathering is ironically a stressful task, especially if you’re in constant denial that it’s already Sunday morning (i.e., less than 24 hours ‘til Monday). The bottom line is — a memorable weekend is one well spent with good company. Sharing stories, jokes, beauty secrets, and life lessons beyond online commentary and the double tap motion on an Instagram feed is indelibly valuable. So the next time you’re contemplating a rendezvous, grab some sweet pastries, champagne, and of course, face masks for you and your girlfriends, and spend the day in (or if weather permits, on a city rooftop). Share your stories, exchange laughs, and relay your masking photos with us, via #DrJartUS. After all, "…once you know a person's story, then you can love anyone." —Fred Rogers

— A K-beauty Connoisseur (26, New York—Seoul)